Breathing & Exercise

The way we breathe affects the way we think and feel and how we function in our daily lives. We all normally breathe 15-20 times a minute and the second we begin to think about how we are breathing, our breathing slows down …….try it for a minute ………. you are now in the realm of conscious breathing…….after 5 minutes of conscious breathing, your vagus nerve (the happy nerve) will have begun to increase the levels of serotonin in your blood and this will lead to a calmer you – its that quick and simple.


Exercise is a basic bodily need.  The human body is built for use, and without regular exercise, it will deteriorate.

By denying yourself regular exercise you are functioning below your possible best.

An unfit body is only about 27% efficient in its exploitation of the energy available for use, but this low rate of efficiency can be raised to over 65% with regular exercise.

Your work and your leisure will become less tiring and more enjoyable as your capacity for activity increases. When your body is working at peak efficiency, your energy levels soar and everyday things become much easier to do.

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Take a moment to think about how you are breathing – you will feel your breathing immediately slow down......the effects are surprisingly beneficial...


Oxygen poor environments in the body could be a major cause of many diseases – so if you think you may be oxygen deficient.....

Body Maintenance

Everyday living requires physical effort and muscular strength and if you don’t use them – you lose them.....

Back Care

Millions of pounds are lost to the economy through absenteism from back pain………a healthy back needs to be flexible, supported by a strong core musculature.......

Physiology of Breathing

For a much more detailed look at how poor breathing can effect our health and wellbeing on a number of levels......

Shiatsu – self massage

Give your body a little TLC occasionally and learn how to use these ancient techniques to ease the aches and pains of everyday life yourself………..

Joints and Flexibility

In order to function well your joint require a good blood flow to them – here is a range of easy stretches to do that will improve mobility….