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Take a break: procrastination found to bolster productivity

While the act of procrastination is viewed by many as something highly unacceptable, a trait of the lazy and easily-bored in society, research shows that it may actually lead to increased productivity.


Professor and procrastination expert Piers Steel, Ph.D, gathered 24 participants and divided them in two groups in an effort to assess whether delaying tasks helped or hindered their completion.

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Cancer + Meditation  = Mind/Matter.

Your mind is an essential tool in the process of managing and overcoming your cancer.

The Indian Government has  recently claimed that they will soon have a cure for cancer based on “cyclic” meditation using Yoga asanas.   And the claim will be proved next year when medical trials have been completed, says India’s minister for alternative medicine.


That is a huge claim and they would not have let it leak out into the public domain - if there were not some truth in it.


I can vouch for it.


I use meditation as the single most powerful part of my protocol each day, to reinforce my belief in the power of the mind - the conscious mind - to work in tandem with the sub-conscious mind in the management of my cancer, by the establishment and maintenance of the BodyMind - in which the mind and the body synchronise for short periods of time, in order to focus attention on the anatomical location of the cancer, with the support of a healthy cellular environment.


It worked for me.


And people have been asking me to produce some material of what it is that I do.


Well, much of this material is to be found on this site in the Living with Cancer section.


But you will also need the Meditation and Cancer podcast.

And the one on Conscious Breathing, unless, of course, you already know how to do this highly concentrated tupe of breathing.

Any regular visitors to this site will know of my experiences and thoughts about Meditation and Cancer.


Equally, I am very clear about the power of the mind, when it comes to the process of healing and altering the plasticity of the brain.


My experience of this BodyMind syndrome - which is characterised by a combination of  beliefs, emotions and behaviour - was critical to the long process of me overcoming my cancer.

Healthy Thinking