Living with Cancer

This page is designed to provide information for people who have cancer - their families, their friends and those people who have cancer that they know - all of whom, have to make important decisions about their lives, when presented with a diagnosis of cancer.


It is based on my own personal experience of dealing with GP’s, oncologists and cancer care teams over many years, who deal with cancer people every day, beginning with the often life-changing reports of their investigative findings to cancer people, which may have taken 3-6 months to conclude.  And this relationship then continues with months and months, often years of what is  referred to as - “treatment options” - many of which simply don’t work and most of which have horrendous side effects, which adversely affect the daily lives of those who have unwittingly taken these options on offer. and their families.


The ‘get things moving’ philosophy of cancer care teams everywhere, serves to keep them extremely busy, by cancer people desperate to ensure that their lives are not short-lived, grasping at all and everything that is offered to them.


Well, it needn't be that way - there are many things you can do for yourself - armed with more information on the subject - even while you may be underfoing surgery,  chemo or radio therapies - in order to help to boost your immune system.

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