Eating & Drinking

It is not just what is being consumed but in what quantities, how it is being done, when it takes place, its frequency, in what combinations it is being consumed and what mood one is in at the time.


2 in 4 people –  that’s 31.15 million in the UK are overweight. Half of these are clinically obese and most of these people are fast overeaters of processed or refined foods.


Research by Mintel has shown that 25% of people in the UK are on a diet of some sort most of the time – that’s 15.8 million people.


It is compelling to think that millions of people are maladaptive in their behaviour around food and drink, who rarely eat fresh fruit and vegetables and who rely on microwave meals and processed foods for much of their nutrition.


An interesting perspective, don’t you think, of the way, most people in the UK behave around the third most important element they need to survive, next to air and water – their food.


The Psychology of Eating

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Fasting, Juicing & Liquid Dieting

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Food Combining

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Food & Drink  – the stats

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Food digestion times

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