Flu vaccine protects just 3 out of every 100 people

For months, WDDTY has been getting reports about the ineffectiveness—and dangers—of the current flu shot (see WDDTY, January 2015). Now the UK government has finally come clean: the vaccine protects just 3 per cent of people.


The flu virus H3N2 has mutated more than scientists expected, rendering the vaccine almost useless.  Apparently, government health officials knew about the mutation nearly a year ago, but continued to press on with the expensive flu vaccine campaign.


A survey of 1,314 hospital patients discovered the vaccine was protecting just 3 per cent of them, whereas the annual flu shot traditionally protects around 50 per cent of those vaccinated. Similar problems have been reported in the US and Canada.


The vaccine still protects against swine flu and influenza B, but these are relatively rare.


Not only is this year’s vaccine ineffective, it also seems to come with more than its usual crop of side effects.  Even front-line doctors and nurses have refused to have the shot, and WDDTY has interviewed people who have suffered serious reactions.


(Source: BBC News, February 5, 2015; WDDTY January 2015, ‘Silent witness’)


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