Liquid Diet Critical Path

Use this as an aide memoire for your 5 day liquid food plan.


You are consciously doing this as opposed to just unconsciously eating and drinking as part of your normal daily activity.


It Is best to try to begin on a Monday and go through to the weekend, where you can then revert back to your normal diet, ensuring that you eat and drink in small portions.

There is a little of an anti-social element to this, as you may find it difficult to sit down with a plate of soup, whilst your friends and family are tucking into a 3 course meal and the weekend allows you to get involved in the family meal again.


After a few days you will feel cleaner and lighter inside and you should begin to weigh less.


Each day

Some simple suggestions for you.

Start the day off with a half pint of water… followed by a soft fruit juice like grape, apple or pear.

Throughout the morning drink various tea’s, (see below) try to stay off the coffee if you can, soya milk, soft fruit juices like mango, guava, grape - drink orange, grapefruit (citrus) late mornings and afternoons.

In the afternoons add vegetable juices like V8 and tomato, or juice your own.

Soups are fine like tomato, minestrone and the liquid only of chicken noodle soup, a vegetable broth and others.  See all soups.doc

Herbal infusions are good, like ginger, lemon and honey, jasmine, roobosch and other non-caffeine, non-tannin teas.

For further information browse through aan article I wrote - The Oxygen Diet.


No solids whatsoever

If you do feel really, really hungry, eat a small portion of fruit - (a banana) - or raw vegetables ( a carrot or cucumber) - it really works to quench thirst and satiate hunger and allows a slow sugar release into the body.  

Chew well and eat slowly.


General Notes

Try to find time for some slow rhythmicalbreathing exercises at the beginning of each day if you can.  This will focus your attention on what you are doing. and help to discipline you and deeply raise your awareness of yourself as you progress through this period.

This is really important as it reinforces your fasting intention in your brain


Day 1 is a doddle, just be careful not to slip, almost unconsciously, into an old habit triggered by a smell, a visit by or to a friend etc…the "oh well, why not? …it won't do any harm" syndrome.


Day 2 is critical, as hunger sets in.  You have to be strong willed and aware throughout this day.  Each time you feel a strong urge to eat something, go and drink something instead. You will be amazed by the ability of your body to satiate its hunger by just drinking the liquid only of a chicken soup, for instance.


Day 3 is cool and you will become calm as your body settles into this routine.  You will begin to feel lighter and cleaner.  Try not to get into any frenetic activity, like back to back meetings for instance, try to make this day as calm and ordered as possible.

Try not to physically over exert yourself after day 3.  Go for a walk, take a light swim - nothing that will fatigue you.  Physically stressful activity will make you light headed.  Light stretching exercises are good.


Try to keep days 4 & 5 free of too much tension in your environment.

You are now in control of your energy intake and should no longer be feeling hungry.  Your movements are slower as your metabolic rate slows down.  You will feel calm and relaxed Try and find some time for deep, lower abdominal breathing and meditation.

You may feel that you wish to continue juicing and there is no reason not to - 30 days juicing fasts are pretty common.  So you can continue for as long as you feel you wish to, as long as you are feeling comfortable.  There will be social pressure for you to stop from your family and friends.


When you begin to eat again the overriding principle is small helpings.  

Begin your first meal with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and mango juice.  Keep coffee and tea, apart from herbal teas out of your diet for a few more days, if you can, or better still, out for ever.  Masticate fully, really chew your food up before you swallow and try not to drink large quantities - ideally you should not drink at all, whilst eating, as it affects the absorption process in the stomach and intestines.  So small sips .  Try not to drink too much alcohol for a few days, after you begin to eat solids.

From now on there should have developed a mindset that will kick in moderation, moderation,  moderation at all times when you eat or drink anything, as your understanding of the energy balance sheet improves.  If you consume too much on one day, then use the next day to restore the balance and don't eat any solids.