Meditation Stools

The very best in meditation seating solutions.


If you have supple hips and knees then sitting in a full lotus or half lotus position, may be for you – or even the half Malaysian position – another knee tweaking position - can be painful after 30 minutes of zazen or seated meditation.


After decades of meditation practise, day in day out – the meditation stool had proved to be a real boon to those who have not been blessed with flexible knees and hip flexors – especially those people who live in the West and who have not necessarily indulged in activities such as dance, ballet and martial arts for example, that promote such flexibility – or even those who are getting on a bit and need something different.


The meditation stool is designed to be a seat of comfort so as to make meditation painless – but not stiffness free – for after sitting in one position for any continuous period of time - you are bound to feel stiff.

The principal reason for comfort is found in the design of the meditation Stool.


For most people the benefits take place when they first actually sit on it.

There is an immediate feeling of comfort – a sort of ‘Oh! This is such a comfortable position’ - reaction.


The first reason for this is that the meditation Stool has a 45º incline – so that when you sit on it – your pelvis is tilted forward, which, in turn, gently ensures that your lower back is in a concave position, ideal for comfortable sitting – absolutely integral for meditation – you simply have to be comfortable, otherwise it is almost impossible to sit for any length of time.  The concave lower back is normally followed up by a raising of the sternum, which allows for relaxation of the shoulders and the correct balancing of the head, to ensure the correct posture for meditation.


The second reason is that when you are seated on the meditation Stool – its height means there is less pressure on the knees, as your kneeling position does not mean you  are sitting on your heels.


The meditation Stool is 8 inches high at the back and 6 inches low at the front.

It is 15 inches wide at the back of the seat and 14 inches wide at the front.

The seat is just under 8 inches in depth – all of which makes for a once in a lifetime purchase for comfortable meditation – or just a seat anyone in the family can sit on anytime.



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