NHS as unsafe as “an airline whose planes kept crashing”

The UK’s National Health Service is so unsafe that “planes would be falling out of the sky all the time” if it were an airline, a chief investigator has said. Robert Francis, QC, who is chairman of the inquiry into the Mid-Staffs hospital scandal, said the public has been given a rosy impression about the level of care provided in hospitals that the facts don’t support....... Read more....


State of Health:

Prevention is What Matters 

Statement by Deepak Chopra

I have been in the health industry for the last forty-five years. When I was doing my residency and fellowship in various Boston hospitals our main attention was on sickness. For the most part this is still the case. The health industry is essentially a sickness industry...... Read more.........


10 Things You May Not Know About Laughter

If you want to communicate with someone from across the globe who speaks a different language, all you have to do is laugh. Laughter is a form of communication that’s universally recognized, which suggests it has deep importance to humankind......... Read more.......


The next time you receive a diagnosis from your doctor or specialist - get another opinion and do your homework.

Iatrogenesis is a term used to describe an illness caused by medical examination or treatment.

And its on the rise...... Read more.......


Up to 80 million bacteria sealed with a kiss

As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss, according to research published in the open access journal Microbiome. The study also found that partners who kiss each other at least nine times a day share similar communities of oral bacteria. .......... Read more......

bacteria sealed with a kiss

60 per cent of hospital patients using alternative medicine ‘on the quiet’

The majority of hospital patients are using alternative remedies and therapies ‘on the quiet’ in order to get well, a new study has discovered........  Read more.......

alternative medicine Oygen Molecules

Oxygen - The Next diet craze? Its simple enough

Human energy by and large comes from the air we breathe and from the water we drink and much less from the food we eat than we think.


Only a small amount comes from the food we ingest - unless we happen to eat mainly whole foods with a high water (oxygen) content such as raw fruits and vegetables and the majority of us simply don’t do that!............ Read more.........

Sistine Chapel

Add nature, art and religion to life's best anti-inflammatories

Taking in such spine-tingling wonders as the Grand Canyon, Sistine Chapel ceiling or Schubert's 'Ave Maria' may give a boost to the body's defense system. Researchers have linked positive emotions -- especially the awe we feel when touched by the beauty of nature, art and spirituality -- with lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines............. Read more.........


Dogs know that smile on your face

Dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces, according to a new study. The discovery represents the first solid evidence that an animal other than humans can discriminate between emotional expressions in another species, the researchers say............ Read more.........

The best way to help our health care services is to try not to use them.


By taking individual responsibility for our health, collectively

In my view, this should be an obligation and a duty as a citizen - but that, I am afraid is a dream, unlikely to morph into an everyday reality anytime soon

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Health care services

Plastic bottles leach chemicals into mineral water

People who swig mineral water from a plastic bottle that’s been left out in the sun could be drinking more than they bargained for. Dangerous chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water, especially if the bottle is warm........... Read more.......

Fundamental differences in how pain is processed in males and females

New animal research reveals fundamental sex differences in how pain is processed. These findings have far-reaching implications for our basic understanding of pain, how we develop the next generation of medications for chronic pain...........  Read more.......

how pain is processed in males and females plasticbottle

Self helpers should receive tax credits for being less of a burden on local healthcare services

People who look after themselves pay to do so in the form of lifestyle habits, such as taking the trouble to eat the right foods, drinking less alcohol,

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right foods, drinking less alcohol, not smoking,

What's lurking in your lungs? Surprising findings emerge from microbiome research

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Emotionally supportive relationships linked to lower testosterone

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What's lurking in you lungs supportive relationships lower testosterone

Lifestyle intervention leads to 10-point drop in systolic blood pressure -

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Lifestyle intervention leads to 10-point drop in s