I have created these three Podcasts for your use and convenience.


They are all just over 15 minutes - so they won't take up much of your time.


If you wish to learn How to do Rhythmical Breathing, then you need to download the Podcast below - it really is easy to do.   You just have to practise it regularly and it soon becomes second nature to you. The rhythmical breathing technique allows you to learn to concentrate at a very high level and forms the basis of all my podcasts, as we need the conscious mind to be fully engaged, with little or no distractions.


How to do Meditation is what it says on the pack - it really is for beginners, although some of long term meditators enjoyed it too!  It is calming, raises your levels of concentration and improves clarity of thought.


For those of you who wish to add your mind to your toolkit in your personal relationship with Cancer, then How to do Anantomical Meditation for Cancer  will help you to do just that.  It takes time and you need to do it on a daily basis if you can.  It really empowers you.

Close-up of headphones Podcast Podcast Podcast