"David Passmore has been an outstanding mentor for me. Being a dentist and having studied nutrition, I thought I had good knowledge base. However, I quickly realised David's knowledge is exemplary. Most importantly, I Iearned how to specifically apply the knowledge and as a result my general health and well-being is the best it's been for a long time. I have lost a huge amount of weight and my energy levels are much higher.

I love the way in which philosophy and spirituality are encompassed into David's work.

If you want to make a powerful change in your life, I highly recommend David's services. He is truly dedicated to achieving you results!" Doctor N.



"David showed me how to deal with what really matters to me which helped rid me of the detritus that had occupied my mind for ages in such a simple and engaging manner." R.B.



"In David you get a partner in your travels to inner peace and harmony.

In the most humble way David helps to shine the light of truth and beauty throughout the very recesses of the "Bodymind".

He stays with you, holding your hand, guiding you and mentoring you until the realisation that any issues you might of thought you had, have dissolved into the rich tapestry of your own beautiful life." N.S.



"Best weight loss tutorial ever." J.B.



"I have known and worked with David for some time now, I was initially introduced to him through his traditional martial arts club.

In the time that I have known him, I can honestly say he has changed my life.

During a difficult period in my life David taught me emotional management and wellbeing skills that helped me to help myself. These tools are something that I now have as part of my daily existence and rely on them without even realising I am doing so.

As a teacher David is patient, imaginative & compassionate. He understands you as an individual, he is able to guide you into seeing important aspects of yourself that you are either hiding from yourself or are unaware of. He genuinely has a passion for whet he teaches, and more importantly has changed his own life through the disciplines he employs." K.M.



"I would recommend David's back care exercises to anyone, expecially in my job" -

Brian - publican .