Thinking & Doing



At the core here is the interplay between our negative emotions and reason – our gut reaction versus our rational mind.


I have found that the best way to rise above them is by using meditation, positive psychology and  moral philosophy.


“To try to understand what we should do, what we should be, and how we should live, and thereby gauge, at least intellectually, the distance that separates us from these ideals” wrote Andre Comte Sponville – in his Introduction to a Short Treatise on the Great Virtues – his basic reason for writing this beautiful book.



All humans share exactly the same 10 basic emotions and interestingly, only 1 of them is a positive emotion and that is joy or happiness………

You and your Emotions

How you handle your emotions is key to leading a generally happier....and healthier life, by allowing your emotions to rule, life can be very stressful indeed....


Most psychologists will agree that meditation will induce calm, improve clarity of thought and raise levels of concentration in you – there is a lot more...

The uses of positive psychology and moral philosophy in everyday life

The recent emergence of positive psychology has led to people learning to lead more pleasant and less miserable lives....

Breathing Spaces

A brief little interlude that you can learn to take at any time of the day, in almost any location....all you have to do is find the time.

Meditation Stools

After decades of meditation practice, this hand-made stool has been designed to be a seat of comfort even for those who do not practise meditation and who just want to improve their posture.....

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