In my weight loss tutorials I have a high success rate for permanent weight loss conditions by altering peoples psychological relationship with their food and liquids and assisting them to make permanent changes to their behaviour, which ensures the weight stays off.


I have tutored people with common emotional issues such as phobia, anxiety and depression, working on their strengths, using positive psychology and moral philosophy with conscious breathing, to train their brains to manage their emotions more successfully.


I teach meditation and conscious breathing to people of all ages and encourage them to make a habit of doing this every day and those that have gone on to do so have experienced permanent and positive changes to their lives.


I have successfully helped people with eating disorders by educating them about the physiology of digestion, the beauty and wisdom of our bodies and the power of proper nutrition to rid themselves of the disorder.


I have introduced people to the notion of emotional intelligence and have helped them to understand how important it is in our relationships with others and just as importantly, our relationship with ourselves.


I believe that we are all capable of making positive changes to our lifestyles, so that we can lead healthier and happier lives – we just need to convince ourselves enough to find the time to do so.




What happens next



Whenever I receive an email request for a tutorial, I send out a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire, which provides me with a snapshot of YOU - along with a contact number, which enables me to get in touch with you direct.


This is accompanied by a 7 day spreadsheet for you to record the detail of all energy input – eating and drinking – when, how much and so on and all energy output – activities and exercise, whenever and wherever they are done by you.


I will then make contact with you by phone in order to discuss your needs and make an arrangement to visit you in person or to have a skype call to do the same.


Once I have all the material I need, I put together a variety of suggestions for you, along with a 3 month time schedule all to be discussed and agreed at the first direct meeting, either in person or on skype.  From then on a weekly consultation is arranged for the agreed 3 month minimum period, as I have found over the years, that this is an acceptable time to begin to observe changes in behaviour that will have a positive impact on each individual


I charge my clients on an hourly basis to be agreed, which covers all the time I spend with you in direct meetings, on skype, by email, phone or text, including travel and I provide a time sheet showing how this time is spent with you for your approval.


I supply all the materials via email and this website is used as an information back up.


If you are interested in receiving further information on my tutorials email me at [email protected]